The most reputed businesses across the globe are all the grown organically over a period of time and today stood as the biggest giants on the internet.

This article covers discussion around the following:

  1. The definition of organic marketing
  2. Types of Organic marketing channels
  3. Benefits of organic marketing channels
  4. Organic marketing strategy
  5. Steps in organic marketing

Definition of Organic Marketing:

The natural way of making web pages or any piece of content performs on its own on the internet and achieve the marketing objectives is called organic marketing.

Optimizing the content as per the suggestion of the algorithms of the marketing platforms and making it perform naturally in order to achieve the sales or business goals in know as organic marketing.

Type of Organic Marketing or organic marketing channels:

  • Search engine optimization or organic search marketing:
    • In search engine optimization, the websites will be optimized as per the norms of the search engines in order to search engines to consider them for ranking on their search results page for free.
  • Content marketing:
    • The content marketing main objective is to develop an interesting and useful content that can be picked by the marketing platforms or the people who can start sharing it across marketing platforms naturally.
  • Social media optimization:
    • Social media optimization involves optimization of the social media pages, content published on the pages or publishing the interesting content following the suggesting/practices of the social media marketing platforms in order to make the content perform naturally.
  • E-mail Marketing:
    • E-mail marketing involves identification of the targeted audiences and pushing the content that can be useful or interesting to their emails through other email ids in a natural way. Performing the same activities using expensive tools/software’s, theft data/purchased data and sending in bulk to large audiences is never considered to be as organic activity. In recent as per GDPR rule sending email without their acceptance of promotional or marketing content is offensive.
  • App Store Optimization:
    • Optimization of the mobile application based on the understanding of the app platforms functionality or the algorithms in order to make them rank higher on the play stores or app stores naturally is considered to be as organic activity and is called as App store optimization.

Advantages/Benefits of Organic Marketing:

  • You don’t have to pay to any paid platform and the investment is all on the lifetime returns
  • The quality of the audiences attracted through organic activities will be very high
  • The conversion rates of the organic source traffic will be very high
  • The valuation of the business will be very high with the organic performance
  • Organic performance of a business implies/conveys business hold in the market
  • Organic way builds trust and reputation among the audience groups

Organic Marketing Strategy:

A strategy built for a business in order to help the business grow organically across all marketing platforms naturally over a period of time is considered an organic marketing strategy.

To understand better about the organic advertising lets consider a business and see how can it be planned for them, considering a business who is not recruitment solutions the strategy can be as follows:

Steps in organic Marketing:

Organic marketing example/sample strategy for the business who is into recruitment software selling/services.

Talent Recruit is a recruitment software platform helping recruiters to simplify their process in hiring the right talent.

Steps in planning involve:

  • Identifying target audiences
  • Understanding the product/service
  • Understanding the business goals

Based on the understanding of the products, audiences, and goals the organic marketing planning will be as follows:

Target Audiences:

HR’s, recruiting companies, founders, CEO’s, HR heads, Procurement heads, and others as per the insights/information from the client


  • To get as many signups as possible from the end recruiting companies and HRs of organizations.
  • Make target audiences come across our product/service so that when they are in need approach us
  • Develop an engaging content to our target audiences

Marketing execution (Only Organic activities)

  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Social media organic activities

The planning mentioned below is just an example and based on the targets set, growth phase of the business, aggressiveness, resources and many other the plan or execution changes.

Search engine optimization:

  • Creating service pages, which may include the creation of pages such as HR tools, Recruitment Tools, and more
  • Developing content-rich web pages for all the services
  • Optimization of the website for the search engines effective crawl and indexing
  • Optimization of the website for conversions or defining the user’s journey on the website

Work Plan/Deadline:

This has to be finished in the first phase of the implementation. Let’s say in the first 15 days when you start the project.

Supporting activities:

  • Off-page activities
  • Infographics developments
  • Video creation

Work Plan:

  • 2 Videos and 2 infographics a month, the content and the structure of the videos and infographics will be planned and suggested by the Digital marketing teams.
  • Links to be built from at least 2 credible domains every month, the domains may be news sites, Target audiences related portals or any influential person personal portals/profiles

Infographics and video creation have to be supported by the client or in-house teams.

Content marketing:

Direct searches/High intent searches/Buying phase:

  • High intent searches are actively looking for the product/service and they are in want of it on an immediate basis E.G Buy mobile phone, this implies that they are actively looking for product purchase.
  • Around 50K direct searches related to recruitment Tools/software,’s/applications/platforms and this will be addressed by creating lead capture web pages comprising lots of information around the product/services
  • For direct searches there will be web pages developed with the pitch of product/service and these pages will be pitching the products, price and the features of the products with the lead forms

Indirect Searches/Medium Intent/Information phase:

  • There are at least a million searches related to HR, recruitment, Jobs, and more such as process, ideas, policies, how, when, where, best, price and many more.
  • The content for these will be structured by the digital marketing teams and the content development can be by the subject matter experts or the content writers.
  • For indirect searches, blogs will be developed in order to achieve the following objectives,
  • Influencing users for the product purchase, E.G: An article about “Best recruitment platform of 2018”, there will be a list of tools in the article, but there will be an unidentifiable positive pitch about Hireajackol
  • will be educated about the product/service, E.G: An article about “The must checklist for HR’s for better productivity” or “Simplifying the hiring/recruitment”, these articles will be educating the target audiences with the promotion of products
  • Will make them come across about our brand- Helping them find other tools such as HR Payroll software, creating a repository that our target audiences can refer to and more.

Note: The content structures, the type of keywords to be incorporated, the marketing pitches will all be planned by the marketing teams.

Work Planning:

  • At least 8 articles a month.
  • 2 articles influencing users
  • 2 articles educating users
  • 2 articles in order to reach more relevant audiences

Social Media:

Considering the target audiences there will be more stress on the activities happening on LinkedIn.

The activities happen on Facebook as well as per the target audiences interest on Facebook

  • Publishing lots of research-based creative, videos, and text related to the target audiences
  • Industry related updates
  • Tips and tricks about the recruitment
  • Storyboarding
  • Explaining real cases
  • LinkedIn pulse content publishing from one of the profiles of the founding group or any top management
  • Creation or updating on local directories, Google business listing

Work Plan:

  • Creation of pages and updates of the basic things on all pages such as cover photo, profile photo, page descriptions, call to action, contact details and more.
  • 2 creative a day, so 60 creative a month.
  • 1 video in two weeks
  • 2 Infographics a month
  • 3 pulse publication a month
  • Sharing all the content in groups by being part of the groups related to HR’s- Share at least in 10 groups

Online Reputation Management:

  • Maintain profiles on all review platforms
  • Have a positive tone across all platforms
  • Activities on Quora, such as answers to questions related to our product/service

Work Plan:

  • Answer 3-4 Questions a month on Quora from different pseudo profiles
  • Write 2-6 reviews based on the necessity of each of these platforms using pseudo id’s

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